Introduce Some Mystery

If you stick to pedestrian way of thinking, your shots might get a little bit boring. You need to amuse the viewer (and yourself too!) by showing something unexpected.

For instance, you can show just a part of your subject and engage your viewer’s imagination. You can also go abstract, frame your scene in an unusual way (for example place the subject close to the edge of frame) or crop your photograph so that it shows only what's really interesting. Experimenting with low key and high key photography can also yield mysterious results.

You can introduce mystery in post-processing too, by playing with colors and white balance or converting your images to b&w.

Change The Perspective

Nowadays, there are many ways to change the perspective in photography and create images that offer a different point of view. Thanks to GoPros, drones and flexible tripods, it's possible to create truly stunning images you wouldn't have been able to capture 10 or 20 years ago.

In this sense, it can be very refreshing to embrace technological advances and experiment with various gadgets – they can make your creativity flourish!

Even if don't own a drone, you can start by experimenting with your phone camera – it will also help you change the perspective and face different benefits and challenges.


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