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If you're still new to photography, you might be frustrated with your images quite often and need a few photography tips to get better results. The biggest issue is that sometimes it's very hard to tell what's wrong with an image.

Is It All About Lighting ?

Everyone knows that photography is all about light, but many of us forget this simple yet important rule when we grab our cameras. Even experienced photographers tend to ignore this rule from time to time and regret it once they start editing images and realize that an entire shoot lacks that ”special something”.

No matter what you’re shooting, any subject (person, product, landscape, etc.) will look better in great light. When we think of good lighting in photography, we often think of the golden hour (period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset) or the blue hour(period of twilight when the Sun is below the horizon), since we know that shooting during these times will give excellent results.

However, you should be open to shooting at other times of the day or experiment with other light sources, such as flashes or continuous lights. If you notice that a scene you're about to shoot doesn't look interesting enough under certain lighting, you can try to reshoot it at different time of the day or bring some light sources with you.

source: Jesenka G/ July 23,2020

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